JEM won't charge

In this troubleshooting guide, we will try to identify the reason your JEM is not charging. Please perform these tests/actions in sequence.

1 - Is the JEM Charging Dock receiving power?

Connect your JEM Charging Dock to USB power source. Remove JEM device from JEM Charging Dock. Observe the LED indicator on the Dock. Is it glowing red?

If not, connect JEM to a different USB power outlet.

2 - Is your JEM receiving power?

With the Dock connected to a USB power source and the JEM Dock LED glowing a steady red, place your JEM device on the Dock. The JEM device should magnetically snap into place.

Make sure the charging contact pads in the JEM align with the charging pins in the Dock.

Observe the JEM Dock LED indicator. A steady orange or green light indicates that JEM is receiving charging current.

Allow JEM to charge for a minimum of 2 hours and test to see if it functions correctly on and off the Dock.

3 - Connect JEM Dock to USB Power Source Directly (not through a USB hub)

We have come across several USB hubs that do not supply adequate current to the JEM Dock. Please connect JEM Dock directly to a known good USB power source, e.g., USB wall adapter.

4 - Contact Us

Reach out to us if the above steps do not resolve your problem. Navigate to and click the Help button at the bottom of the page.

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