About JEM and JEMPass


Whether you already have your JEM or are exploring to see what JEM is about, welcome!

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What is JEM? What Does It Do?

JEM is a personal, fingerprint secured, cloud connected device that makes signing in to websites and apps easy and more secure.

It allows you to store all you passwords in an encrypted Vault.

When you need to use a password or other credential, you press JEM to sign in to any website or mobile app.

No more passwords to remember - not even a Master Password.

JEM vs JEMPass: What's the difference?

JEM refers to the personal hardware device that is protected by your fingerprint. It is approximately 1-inch square and has a round fingerprint sensor located at the center of the top face.

JEM contains a rechargeable battery. The device that helps charge the battery in JEM is called the JEM Charging Dock.

The name JEMPass refers to the collection of software apps. This includes our apps that run on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The name is also used to refer to the web app and browser extensions that stores your password Vault and serves the application that helps you manage your passwords and sign in to websites easily.

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