Accept Recovery Key

Accept and Acknowledge your Recovery Key

JEMPass will automatically proceed to this step once fingerprint enrollment is complete.

JEMPass app will display your Recovery Key. Acknowledge receipt of the Recovery Key and related notice.

Save your Recovery Key – You’ll need it if your JEM is lost, stolen or broken. Without a working JEM or a Recovery Key, you will not be able to access any of your passwords.

Protect your Recovery Key – Anyone who has your Recovery Key may be able to access your Vault and all your passwords. Never share it with anyone you do not trust. No one at JEM will ever ask you for this key.

Your JEMPass Account will not be recorded in the JEMPass system until you have acknowledged receipt of your Recovery Key.

Once you acknowledge receipt and click the Dashboard button, you should automatically be signed in to your JEMPass Account and taken to your JEMPass Dashboard.

If the automatic sign in does not work, please click the Sign In button and follow on screen instructions to sign in using your JEM.

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