Set Up - What to Expect

What to expect • How to get help • Things you'll need

Setup time: 5-20 minutes

We have made the setup process as simple and streamlined as possible without compromising security. In our experience, the initial set up process takes between 5 and 20 mins, depending on factors including:
  • System readiness and compatibility, especially with respect to Bluetooth (Bluetooth version 4.2 or above is required)
  • Internet connection speed (Internet connection is required)
  • User's comfort with computers and related technology

We're here to help

Setting up your JEM should be easy, but reach out if you get stuck and we'll help you get set up quickly. We are reachable via the Contact Us link in the header.
You can also book time with one of our
Support/Onboarding Pros (it's free). We'll get you set up and show you the ropes so you can get going as fast as possible. Book time here:

Recommendations & Requirements

  • 📹
    Please watch the Set Up Your JEM video tutorial once before you begin the set up process.
  • Alternatively – or in addition – read all the steps of this Set Up Your JEM before you start.
Initial setup of JEMPass must be completed on your Mac or Windows computer.
Unless it is actively in use, your JEM will be in low power or standby mode (aka sleep mode). Leave the JEM in its standby state until you are prompted to turn it on by the JEMPass app.

Get Ready

You'll need get a few things in place to set up your JEM quickly and efficiently.
  • Set up your JEM Dock and make sure your JEM is fully charged. Learn how.
  • Keep your Welcome Card handy -- you'll need the JEM-ID printed on the back.
  • An index card or piece of paper and a writing instrument will be useful. During set up, you will need to write down one important piece of information and store it in a safe place.
  • You will be setting up a JEMPass Account, linked to your email ID. Make sure you can access your email account on the computer you use to set up your JEM.