Enroll Fingerprint

This is How You Personalize and Secure Your JEM

The JEM Setup Video Tutorial demonstrates this procedure. If you haven't done so already, please watch it now.

Start with clean dry hands, free of oil, dirt and grime.

1- Holding your JEM as you naturally would in daily use, press the JEM Button.

  • JEM will glow blue, then flash purple indicating a successful Bluetooth connection

  • JEM will then pulse green in a waxing and waning wave pattern

JEM will display this green light pattern whenever it needs to scan your fingerprint.

2 - While JEM pulses green, place and lift your your finger on the sensor repeatedly.

  • Each time you place your finger on the sensor, JEM will to scan your fingerprint. Each scan takes less than half a second. A blue flash indicates a good scan. A red flash indicates a rejected scan.

  • JEM will acquire 7-10 good images of your finger. During the enrollment process, adjust your grip once or twice and move your finger slightly so JEM can capture the center and edges of your fingerprint.

  • JEMPass app will notify you know when fingerprint enrollment is complete.

Use the same finger throughout this process! Failing to comply with this requirement can adversely impact verification reliability and weaken security.

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