Charging Your JEM

Connect the Dock to a Power Source

Plug the small end of the included charging cable into the micro USB port on the side of the Dock. Plug the wide end of the charging cable into a USB port that can supply power.

Do I need to connect the Dock to my computer?

No. Connect the Dock into any USB port that can supply power.

What's the best place for the Charging Dock?

If you primarily work at a desk, we recommend setting up your Dock on your desk, and placing your JEM on it while you work. When you leave your desk, you can take your JEM with you with the confidence that it is adequately charged. Otherwise, locate your Dock on your nightstand or bedside table, and place your JEM on it at night. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

How long does JEM take to charge? How long does the battery charge last?

When placed on the Dock, JEM charges rapidly at first, and then slowly until it reaches full charge. JEM typically reaches full charge after a few hours on the Dock. A fully charged JEM should provide 2-3 days of service during normal use

Place JEM on the Dock

Place your JEM on the charging dock — JEM will snap into place.

When placing JEM on the Dock, make sure the contact pads on the bottom face of the JEM device are aligned with the contact pins on the Dock.

What Do the Dock Lights Mean?

  • No light indicates that the Dock is not receiving power

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